Creating an ecommerce business in Japan: Episode 2.

Tokyo Snack Box — January’s unique assortment of Japanese snacks for New Year

Blog post initially written on: Sunday 3rd January 2021, 18:06

Final results of the January box.

In total, I ended up sending 33 January Tokyo Snack Box.
Compared to the 22 of December, it was a good progression.

Let’s hope that it continues that way.

In addition to that, I made to present the contents of the box, this time in “manufacturing” mode rather than traditional unboxing.

New products.

In order to expand the offer but also to delight people who want a certain type of product, I launched two new and somewhat special Tokyo Snack Boxes a few weeks ago: and .

I chose these two snacks as they are very popular with tourists but also Japanese people. Indeed, these two brands have a very wide range of different tastes. This allows you to try out a lot of Japanese flavors without taking any risk.

I could see that the KitKat box was quite popular (already sold 5 times), which is a good sign for future sales, as it is a box that I can send at any time.

To celebrate this launch, .
This contest had a triple objective:

  • promote Tokyo Snack Box
  • increase the number of followers
  • publicize the two new products

We can say that it was a good success, if we look at the good statistics of impressions and engagements but also of the number of followers which has jumped (778 as I’m currently writing this blog post).

Tokyo Snack Box — Twitter contest statistics

In addition, and to avoid losing contact with these people once the competition was over, I sent a Twitter DM to (almost) all the participants to ask them for their email, to announce them the results and another contest.

Of the 700+ participants of the Twitter contest, around 220 people sent me their email, which allowed me to send them a Newsletter containing:

  • of the draw, live from the streets of Tokyo
  • the link of a to celebrate the new year (which allows me to promote the Instagram account at the same time)
  • a link to a special discount coupon valid throughout the store.

As of this writing, the email has been opened 119 times out of a possible 216 (55%) and the Youtube video has 111 views, while the Instagram contest has over 120 comments.

On the other hand, there were only 2 direct visits from the email to the website, which proves that this audience that loves contests is not necessarily the best to convert into customers — in other words, most of these people are only interested in the free aspect of the contest, not necessarily the products offered.

But I still saw sales coming from the networks, which proves that the campaign did bring in some customers.

Influencers and Marketing.

Something that I have seen a lot during this contest period are accounts that call themselves influencers, with 7000/8000 followers, and who ask brands to send them products for free, in exchange for advertising on their networks.

Most of these accounts actually have a very low engagement rate on their posts, this is a fairly common trap that should be checked before sending anything to them.

Instead, it seems better to partner with accounts that admittedly have fewer followers but a lot more engagement, with a real community that supports the creator.

So I have contacted a few “micro-influencers” that, I hope, will allow me to expand the business.

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