Creating an ecommerce business in Japan: Episode 3.

Tokyo Snack Box —February 2021’s unique assortment of Japanese snacks

Blog post initially written on: Tuesday 2nd February 2021, 21:34

100th sold box

One month after my last update, I’m coming back with good news. If you’re following Tokyo Snack Box’s social accounts, you probably already know that I’ve sold the 100th box on January 26th.

When the project started, I would have never imagined that I could reach that number so “quickly”, but here we are.

When I’m writing this blog post, we’ve actually reached 121 sold boxes, which is like an additional 20 in a week.

February’s monthly Tokyo Snack Box

With all these sales, reached 60 purchasers, which obviously made it the most sold box since the beginning of this adventure.

This box is a little different compared with previous boxes, as you can see from , because it contains a small booklet that gives it a more professional look.

The new subscription system

It started in mid-January with the goal of reducing purchase friction, the subscription system helps me not losing customers after the first purchase.

Until now, customers that were buying the monthly snack box had to come back to the website and order again, which was an important constraint.

From now on, every order of a monthly box is a recurring subscription, that automatically charges every month (or 3 months) the customers until they manually stop the subscription (in 2 clics, it’s super easy).

That helps me get a high ratio of customers that buy again and make it even more worth to acquire them. In other words, we are finally making a bit of profit!

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