Finalist of a startup pitch contest!

Days 65 & 66 of my internship at Adidas Japan.

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Once again, I had to combine 2 days in one post as I came back home a bit late on Thursday night and I didn’t want to be too tired at work on the following day.

As the title says it, I was selected on Thursday to be one of the 8 finalists of the Sekai Creator pitching competition on next Sunday in Tokyo.

It’s a honour for me to have been selected but it also means I will have to work really hard after work in the next couple of days to produce a satisfying presentation of my startup project.

On Friday, there weren’t many employees in the office so the day wasn’t really busy at work. Still, I finished up my 2 analyses that I will have to present next Tuesday to my boss.

Being with someone that demanding in terms of both analysis but also format (design of the slides etc…) is quite tough but I realize that I’m improving thanks to that, which is a very good sign for the future.

Since that Sunday (12/02) was supposed to be the day I would have been taking the Japanese language test -but I somehow missed the deadline to apply 😅-, I also realized that I have to get back to learning as I’ve been abandoning lessons for more than a month now.

Either way, I wouldn’t have been able to pass it this time, so I guess I’ve saved some money by being 2–3 days late for the application.

I guess most of my learning in the past 2 days have been about startup pitch, as it will only be my 2nd time to do such exercise.

Although I’ve already used those resources to create various presentations at school (e.g my oral defense for the master’s thesis), it was good to see them from a different angle and to have some more experienced people talk about it.

I don’t want to copy paste another blog or simply what was said during this weekly mentoring session, so if you’re interested about it, the one we’ve discussed about on Thursday was AirBnB’s deck, that can be found right here.

Although everyone is free to choose the format they want for the presentation, considering the success these people had, it is definitely a material to be studied.

What about you, do you have any experience or best practices in startup pitches?

Thanks so much for reading. If you’re wondering why I’m doing this daily podcast/medium post, you can find the answer right there. Oh, and if you’re interested in following my adventures, day 67 is already out!

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Writing how-to guides for foreigners in Japan, based on personal experience. From getting an internship/job to driving or renting an apartment.

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