How to be a good follower.

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As I expected, today was a day almost full of copy-pasting data into new tables, line/bar/pie charts etc… following the new format. At least, I’m now 70% done with the slides, in a day, and the remaining will be even easier as I already created most of the new templates.

Today, I also assisted to a team meeting that was explaining the big guidelines and objectives that every sub-team has to follow in the next month or 2.

I thought this kind of meeting is quite useful as it took less than 1 hour to understand what is happening and what everyone will be doing. Also, it definitely helps the transparency which is a key in leadership.

But today, I don’t want to talk about leadership but rather followership.

Followership is the capacity people have to be good followers.

Followers are the people who receive and execute orders from leaders.

Now, there are several types of followers, but if you want to bring value to your company, you should become an effective follower.

It means that, on top of being good at the execution, you are also able to operate things by yourself and take initiatives.

It also mean that you won’t criticize for the sake of criticizing (alienated followers)

You will criticize to bring value to the table and act accordingly.

Today, I had to create a survey that was sent to the team. The survey was about the quality of the meeting we had.

First Question: how did you like the meeting.
Second Question: what could we do to improve the meeting?

Now, you would hopefully expect employees to give a rate to the meeting and depending on that, to propose some ideas to improve it.

That’s the kind of follower you want to be.

Not someone that is upset and doesn’t give a reason for it.
And if you’re a manager, you have to know who those people are and talk to them. You can’t let them alienate the organization.

What about you, what kind of follower are you?

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